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15 African Startups Selected for ATS Investment Showcase 2024

15 African Startups Selected for ATS Investment Showcase 2024 as the African tech scene is brimming with innovation and brimming with potential. Africa Tech Summit (ATS), a leading platform dedicated to fostering connections and growth within the continent’s tech ecosystem, is playing a pivotal role in bringing together startups and investors.

The highly anticipated ATS Investment Showcase 2024, scheduled for London Stock Exchange on June 7th, 2024, promises to be another launchpad for Africa’s next generation of tech titans.


A Gateway to Growth: The Importance of the ATS Investment Showcase

The ATS Investment Showcase serves as a critical bridge between Africa’s burgeoning startups and the resources they need to thrive. This annual event provides a dedicated platform for carefully selected ventures to showcase their groundbreaking ideas to a curated audience of investors, industry leaders, and potential partners. Through captivating demo sessions, insightful presentations, and facilitated networking opportunities, the Showcase fosters an environment ripe for collaboration and investment.

A Competitive Selection: Unveiling the 15 Chosen Startups

Standing out in Africa’s vibrant tech landscape is no easy feat. The selection process for the ATS Investment Showcase is highly competitive, attracting applications from a diverse pool of innovative ventures. A rigorous jury comprised of experienced investors, tech specialists, and industry veterans meticulously evaluates each application, focusing on factors such as:

  • Unmatched Innovation: Does the startup offer a unique and creative solution that addresses a critical need within the African market?
  • High-Growth Potential: Does the business model demonstrate a clear path towards scalability and significant market share capture?
  • Impactful Solutions: Does the venture hold the potential to create a positive social and/or environmental impact within African communities?


After a thorough evaluation process, 15 exceptional startups have been chosen to participate in the 2024 ATS Investment Showcase. These ventures represent a microcosm of Africa’s dynamic tech scene, spanning a variety of sectors including:

  • Fintech: Revolutionizing financial inclusion across the continent by leveraging mobile money solutions and innovative payment platforms.
  • Cleantech: Developing sustainable energy solutions to address Africa’s growing energy demands and promote environmental responsibility.
  • Healthtech: Enhancing healthcare access and delivery through telemedicine platforms, AI-powered diagnostics, and digital health solutions.
  • Agritech: Transforming the agricultural sector with data-driven farming techniques, efficient logistics solutions, and improved market access for smallholder farmers.
  • E-commerce: Fueling the growth of online marketplaces and digital commerce platforms tailored to the unique needs of African consumers.

Here is the full list of the 15 Chosen African Startups 

  1. Africa) is accelerating the energy transition in Africa. The company helps businesses generate carbon credits from their renewable energy sources through a digital system.
  2. Earthbond(Nigeria) utilizes carbon accounting and climate finance to offer a one-stop solar shop to African businesses.
  3. Melanin Kapital Limited(Kenya) is leveraging blockchain technology to help financial institutions and investors verify the legitimacy and credibility of businesses.
  4. Newform Foods(South Africa) is leveraging a continent-spanning research and development network to help food producers, retailers, and business owners develop and scale cultivated animal products at a lower cost than the industry norm.
  5. OkHi(Nigeria) is a digital addressing system that enables businesses to collect and verify an accurate address. OkHi sells AI-powered Address Verification to banks and fintechs in emerging markets to improve compliance, reduce fraud, and increase loan performance.
  6. OneHealth(Nigeria) is bridging the gap in healthcare by offering digital infrastructure for payers, providers, and patients to access quality medicines and healthcare solutions.
  7. PBR Life Sciences(Nigeria) is leveraging big data and AI to transform healthcare, offering stakeholders easy and fast access to a data-as-a-service dashboard with predictive capabilities for objective decision-making.
  8. Plentify(South Africa) is a smart energy company that offers affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions. They use advanced hardware, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and user-centric design to create smart home products that strengthen electricity systems.
  9. Poa Internet(Kenya) is bridging the digital gap in African communities by providing cost-effective residential broadband.
  10. Rana Energy(Nigeria) Is providing sustainable, innovative & customer-centric energy solutions for a greener Africa, replacing the upfront solar system cost burden with affordable subscriptions.
  11. Sky.Garden(Kenya) is a SaaS e-commerce platform for African retailers that allows merchants to start, manage, and grow their businesses.
  12. So-Cool(Nigeria) is an award-winning innovation, developed to provide clean and affordable energy to SMEs in Africa.
  13. Teraki(Ethiopia) is an audio streaming platform that addresses the challenges faced by African authors, content creators, and audiences. Despite the high demand for literature and podcasts, generating sustainable revenue remains challenging. Teraki offers a two-way solution to these problems.
  14. VeendHQ(Nigeria) is tackling the issue of low credit penetration in Africa, which arises from the lack of adequate credit history data for most of the African population. VeendHQ enables consumers and businesses with verifiable income to access funds on demand.
  15. Wfrley(Eqypt) is an app for promotions and instant marketing, working in the underserved areas of Cairo. Wfrley provides supermarkets with a SaaS solution to control inventory, POS points, e-commerce, and delivery platforms.

A Spotlight on Success: Benefits for Participating Startups

For the selected startups, participation in the ATS Investment Showcase presents a multitude of benefits:

  • Unveiling Innovation: The Showcase provides a platform for startups to present their ventures to a captivated audience of potential investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors. This exposure can unlock doors to much-needed funding, propelling startups towards their growth goals.
  • Building Connections: The event fosters valuable networking opportunities, allowing participating startups to connect with industry leaders, established companies, and potential partners. These connections can lead to strategic collaborations, mentorship opportunities, and valuable market insights.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The ATS Investment Showcase garners significant media attention, placing the participating startups in the spotlight. This increased visibility can significantly enhance brand awareness, attract new customers, and elevate the ventures’ profiles within the African tech ecosystem.


Beyond the Showcase: A Catalyst for Africa’s Tech Future

The ATS Investment Showcase serves as more than just a launchpad for individual startups. It plays a crucial role in showcasing the immense potential of Africa’s tech sector to the global investment community. By fostering connections, attracting funding, and empowering innovation, the Showcase acts as a catalyst for propelling Africa’s tech ecosystem to even greater heights.

The Road Ahead: A Glimpse into the Showcase

Excitement is building as we approach the 2024 ATS Investment Showcase. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Compelling Demos: The 15 selected startups will take center stage, delivering captivating presentations and live demonstrations of their innovative solutions.
  • Investor Engagement: Dedicated networking sessions will provide ample opportunities for startups to connect directly with potential investors and explore funding possibilities.
  • Expert Insights: Industry leaders and renowned tech specialists will share their expertise through keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interactive workshops.

The ATS Investment Showcase 2024 promises to be a landmark event, showcasing the ingenuity and talent that is driving Africa’s tech revolution. By bringing together the brightest minds, the most promising ventures, and the essential resources for growth, the Showcase has the potential to shape the future of Africa’s tech landscape, paving the way for a more prosperous and innovative

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